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Term Loans help leverage Cash Flow fast!

Term Loan & Lending Program

There are many term loan options that Commercial Finance Partners offers our clients. While we offer SBA term loans, other terms loans are generally for requests that are not SBA eligible or need a faster close, a creative structure, customized amortization, and other specific uses. The options range from short term bridge loans to longer-term, permanent loans. Here are some examples of how term loans are used:

Common Term Loan Uses

  • Bridge to permanent funding
  • Subordinated debt if there is a senior credit facility
  • One-time capital expenditure need
  • Needing working capital quickly
  • Fill an order from a large customer

Cash flow-based term loans are generally used to satisfy a need that can be met through company cash flow or historical revenue. Cash flow-based term loans can take the form of short-term capital bridges or longer-term facilities. The key items that determine qualification metrics for term loans are historical revenue, profitability, use of funds, and business and personal credit.

Loan Amounts Start at $25,000 with rates starting at 8%.

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Bridge loans are generally used to help facilitate a need that will ultimately be satisfied by permanent funding. Whether it is a real estate project or a bridge to a senior credit facility, bridge loans can often create liquidity needed to complete the transaction through expedited underwriting and funding.

We offer bridge loans tied to business needs and can even offer bridge loans tied to personal net worth.

Loan Amounts Start at $500,000 and with rates starting at 10%.

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Situational Capital term facilities are typically subordinated debt solutions providing growth capital and special situation financing without the restrictions of a traditional bank. These are non-dilutive options for special situations that do not conform to a traditional bank or asset-based lending. Our non-dilutive options are ideal for companies or sponsors seeking to preserve equity.

Loan Amounts Start at $500,000, Rates start at 10%.

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Why should you work with commercial finance partners?

  • Extended Amortizations
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Multi-Loan Structures
  • No-Prepayment Penalty Options
  • Common Sense Underwriting
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