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Your trusted financial partner and advisor, here to guide you through the financing options and the loan application process.

Consulting Services

Commercial Finance Partners functions as a consultant and an advisor for our clients throughout the entire financing process. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand how daunting the business financing process can be. We use our many years of experience in commercial finance to guide you through the financing options and the loan application process.

Our consultative, relationship driven approach offers clients flexible and quality personal service while ensuring an efficient financing process. Our goal is to be your trusted financial partner and advisor, by providing you easier access to capital and financing solutions necessary to run your business.

We start by building a deep understanding or our client’s unique business needs and future plans to determine the financing options that best fit their current operations and future goals.

Depending on our client’s situation, we can provide the following services:

Financial review

  • 1. Financial Analysis
  • 2. Loans not properly accounted for on the balance sheet including advances, forgivable loans, deferred interest
  • 3. Prepare initial financial summary and suggest areas for improvement

Pro Forma Financials review – we work with our clients to make sure that the projected financial goals are attainable.

  • 1. Review related assumption, historical data, any back up documentation and historical references
  • 2. Work with your controller, CFO and outside CPA to ensure projected debt service is accounted for properly

Acquisition Support - Evaluation of potential business acquisition and related financing

  • 1. Debt serviceability
  • 2. Collateral analysis
  • 3. Viability

Business plans review and support:

We advise our clients on business plan structure and projected financials to ensure the business plan will meet the high standards required for funding.

Background Issues – we work with clients to address any background issue that come up in our pre-qualification analysis

  • 1. Letter of explanation of credit, bankruptcy, judgements, tax liens, or previous felony background issues
  • 2. Identifying personal credit issues and assisting in credit repair
  • 3. Identifying business credit issues and assisting in credit repair
  • 4. Identifying lingering and blind UCC filings, and assist with termination and subordination where needed

Interim and Permanent Financing

  • 1. Multi-tranche financing planning
  • 2. Bridge to permanent financing when needed

We remain involved and fully engaged with our clients throughout the funding process

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Why should you work with commercial finance partners?

  • Low Cost of Capital
  • Up to 100% Financing on Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Terms up to 25 Years
  • No Up-Front Fees
  • Over $250,000,000 of Funded Loans
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