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Secure a Working Capital loan based on your Accounts Receivable, Machinery and Equipment, Inventory and Real Estate.

Asset Based Lending & Loans Program

Commercial Finance Partners provides asset-based loans ranging from $250,000 to $25,000,000. Asset-based loans are ideal solutions for companies seeking to generate liquidity from both revolving and fixed assets. If you are seeking bank-like financing, with higher leverage, light, or no covenants, without the complicated application process, we have a solution for you.


Through our proprietary deal structuring process, we are able to maximize the value of each of your asset classes and provide the funding your business needs with sensible rates that your business can afford. Through rigorous cash flow analysis and a deep understanding of collateral values, we structure deals with working capital advance rates and amortized term loans that make sense for your business.

  • Loan Sizes from $250,000 to $25,000,0000
  • Advance Rates up to 90% on AR, 60% on Inventory
  • Flexible amortizations that take the pressure off your cash flow
  • Competitive pricing, quick turnaround times for preapproval and approval

Accounts receivable is the most highly leveraged asset in an asset-based loan and provides the basis for funding against other assets. We are able to provide availability on both domestic and international accounts receivable in a single facility.

We also offer both lockbox and springing dominion facilities that give businesses greater control over their collections and cash management.

Asset-based facilities can be AR only or coupled with other business assets for additional liquidity.

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Inventory Financing is available for both commercial and retail businesses seeking to obtain a line of credit tied to inventory. This is useful for companies that need working capital for growth, to refinance out a bank or previous lender, or even for other lenders who do not offer inventory under their current financing arrangement

Medical factoring is almost exclusively done by companies that specialize in this type of accounts receivable factoring and works well with other types of fixed asset financing including the SBA 7a and 504.

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Equipment Financing is available for any business seeking to leverage existing equipment or acquire new pieces of equipment. The most common industries for Equipment Finance are manufacturing, transportation, construction, and other asset-intensive industries.

Equipment financing can help expand a current location, management, and partner buyouts, refinancing of existing debt, unlocking cash from existing equipment, and more.

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Why should you work with commercial finance partners?

  • Leverage Existing Assets
  • Increase Working Capital
  • Creative Deal Structure
  • Alternative to Equity
  • Growth Focused
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