US manufacturer uses trade finance to import goods from overseas
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Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is for companies that have purchase orders from credit worthy customers but do not have enough working capital to deliver the order. This type of trade finance is for companies that are purchasing finished product from a manufacturer. Some PO finance companies will allow for a minimal amount of added value to the goods.

Production Finance

Production finance, like purchase order financing, requires the client to have a purchase order from a credit worthy customer, however, allows for a greater element of value added or assembly. This type of trade finance utilizes letters of credit as well as wire transfers to pay vendors for components and raw materials.

Contract Finance

Contract finance is for companies that win a bid on a contract, however, do not have enough working capital to fulfill it. Like other forms of trade finance, contract finance requires that the client's customers are credit worthy. Finance companies will advance a certain percentage of the contract for mobilization or other initial expenses.
Supply Chain Financing
Supply chain financing is for clients that require terms from suppliers. Unlike other types of trade finance, the credit worthiness of the client is more important as financing is typically delivered on an unsecured basis. The supply chain finance company will buy the payable from the supplier and debit your account at maturity.
Trade Credit
Trade credit is for companies selling internationally or with large exposures domestically. Trade credit can provide an element of industry risk mitigation as well as political risk. Trade finance lenders look favorably on accounts receivable protected by credit insurance and will often lend at higher advance rates against insured receivables.
Audio importer uses trade finance to import home audio equipment

Home Audio Importer

$5,000,000 Trade Finance

Home furnishing importer uses trade finance to fulfill large textile orders

Home Furnishings

$11,500,000 Letters of Credit