Importer uses letter of credit to pay overseas supplier
"We did not realize that our bank would lend us money if we had our export receivables insured."
Fashion Apparel Manufacturer
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Trade Credit

Mitigate risk and trade strategically

There are several trade instruments available to companies trading at home and abroad. By utilizing various forms of letter of credit, letter of guarantee and credit insurance, we are able to structure transactions that allow our clients to mitigate risk and gain more control in commercial transactions.

Letter of credit, letter of guarantee and credit insurance are financial instruments used in domestic and international trading. These instruments are typically offered through banks, private finance companies and insurance companies.

There are many benefits to trade credit instruments:

  • Increase sales by extending credit with accounts receivable insurance
  • Utilize letter of credit instruments to pay overseas suppliers
  • Utilize letter of guarantee instruments to guarantee supplier credit
  • Increase import/export trade while mitigating risk

We work with many banks and trade finance companies that are aggressively pursing transactions. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can utilize the instruments often only available to large companies with sophisticated credit departments.

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Distributor uses letter of credit financing to keep fulfill orders

Tile Distributor

$5,000,000 Letter of Credit Financing

Apparel manufacturer uses letter of gaurantee to purchase goods from overseas supplier

Men's Active Wear Manufacturer

$2,250,000 Letter of Guarantee to Supplier