Commercial Real Estate developer secures Real Estate Finacning to build a new building.
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Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing is for companies that are looking to leverage existing real estate assets or fund the acquisition of new ones. Proceeds of Real Estate Financing are typically used to purchase a property at closing, however, existing unencumbered real estate can be used as collateral for various different types of loans. Construction Loans are also available for building a new facility or renovating an old one.

The most common types of real estate funding are:

The type of Real Estate financing that is available will usually depend on the cash flow of the property and the credit worthiness of the buyer. Existing rental properties should have 70% plus occupancy while owner occupied will be more focused on the creditworthiness of the business.

There are several government backed Real Estate Finance programs that business owners can take advantage of including the SBA 504 and 7A. The government provides guarantees to banks and finance companies for up to 90% of the loan amount to encourage lending to small businesses. Businesses that qualify can take advantage of low interest rates and a 25 year amortization period.

While there are several forms of Real Estate Financing available, each has its positives and negatives. In many cases more than one form of financing can be used to generate capital. Choosing the right working capital facility with the right lender can make all the difference.

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Local company usese real estate financing to purchase new corporate headquarters.

Owner Occupied Corporate Facility

$5,500,000 Real Estate Financing

Commercial Real Estate developer uses Real Estate Financing to purchase a new building.

Commercial Real Estate Developer

$17,000,000 Real Estate Financing