Use purchase order finance to import pre sold containers
"We would not have been able to fulfill our customer's orders without CFP's help."
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Purchase Order Finance

Has your company finally landed that dream order, but lacks the capital to pay suppliers in order to fulfill it?

We can help you fund your orders through Purchase order finance. Purchase order finance or PO finance programs pay your suppliers for goods that you have open purchase orders for.

PO finance can work in tandem with receivable financing and allows you to pay your suppliers without depleting your cash reserves.

There are many benefits to using PO finance:

  • PO Finance allows you to fulfill orders that exceed your current financial capabilities
  • You can fund up to 100% of the cost of goods with PO finance
  • You can fund 100% of your manufacturing or distribution cycle, not just part of it
  • Fund both domestic and international orders
  • Improve your competitive edge among customers and suppliers

All you need is a PO from a credit worthy commercial or government client to get started.

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PO finance utilized by household goods importer

Household Goods Importer

$2,000,0000 Purchase Order Finance

Purchase order finance utilized by apparel importer

Apparel Importer

$3,500,000 Purchase Order Finance