Production financing helps designer fufill purchase orders
"I thought my company was too small for this type of financing, CFP proved me wrong."
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Production Finance

Turn your purchase orders into cash flow

If you have purchase orders from credit worthy customers and need money to buy components and cover labor, production financing may be the right option. Commercial Finance Partners has experience structuring production finance transactions, sometimes utilizing multiple lenders to fund a transaction.

Production loans are collateralized by the purchase order presented for funding and all other business assets. Production finance companies will often work with a factor to cover the credit risk.

There are many benefits to these types of production loans:

  • You will receive the working capital you need without giving up equity
  • Gives you the confidence to fulfill larger contracts
  • Cover overhead costs
  • Take advantage of volume discounts

We work with many well-capitalized lenders that are aggressively lending. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can receive the working capital they need even in today’s hard economic times.

Turn your receivables into cash NOW, and gain the working capital and the peace of mind your company needs to succeed.

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Production financing helps electronics manufacturer fulfill a contract

Electronics Manufacturer

$2,500,000 Production Financing

Production financing helps food processor take on new contracts

Food Processor

$3,000,000 Production Loan