Retailers use merchant cash advance for funding
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Merchant Funding

Receive funding on your projected sales

Merchant cash advances are good for businesses that require money to expand, however, do not have sufficient credit history for a traditional bank loan. Merchant cash advances can be expensive, however, funds are remitted through daily collections so there is not an outstanding balance after the term is fulfilled.

Merchant cash advance programs are advances against future sales based on historical sales. The merchant cash advance company gets remittance by having the daily credit card batches flow through their account where they recoup a percentage of their advance and funding fee.

There are many benefits to this type of business funding:

  • Gives you the capital to expand
  • Your remittance is directly tied to your sales, so your advance remittance moves in line with your sales for the month
  • Close within 5 days
  • You will receive the working capital you need without giving up equity

We work with many well-capitalized lenders that are aggressively lending. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can receive the working capital they need even in today's hard economic times.

Turn your future sales into cash NOW, and gain the working capital and the peace of mind your company needs to succeed.

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Italian restaurant uses merchant cash advance for funding

Italian Restaurant

$300,000 Merchant Cash Advance

Fitness studio uses business credit to expand

Fitness Studio

$35,000 Business Credit