Surgery center uses Healthcare Finance to cover operating expenses.
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Surgery Center
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Healthcare Finance

Healthcare finance is for medical practices, nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare related facilities that bill Medicare, Medicaid and third party insurance companies. Healthcare facilities have ongoing expenses including payroll that are due long before the insurance companies make reimbursement. Healthcare financing provides the working capital to bridge the gap

The most common types of healthcare funding are:

Healthcare finance is ideal for growing medical practices or healthcare facilities that need working capital to fuel their growth. While traditional banks are happy to lend money to credit worthy borrowers, private finance companies will lend more aggressively against the value of the assets.

Choosing the right healthcare funding program will largely depend on the how much funding can be generated from the collateral. The advance rate and age of the receivables will typically be the driving force behind the amount of funding generated.

While there are several forms of healthcare finance available, each has its positives and negatives. In many cases more than one form of financing can be used to generate capital. Choosing the right working capital facility with the right lender can make all the difference.

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Nursing Home uses Healthcare Finance

Nursing Home

$2,500,000 Healthcare Finance

Optometrist utilized Healhcare Finance to update equipment


$275,000 Healthcare Finance