Business lending used to fulfill contracts
"Without Commercial Finance Partners, we would not have been able to start the contract."
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Contract Finance

Generate working capital to fulfill contracts

Companies that have been awarded a contract and need funding to complete the project are good candidates for contract finance. We specialize in generating loans for small businesses that do not have access to traditional financing sources. Working with us you gain a financial partner who understands your needs and is vested in your success.

While the immediate collateral for this type of business lending is the contract, contract finance companies will typically want all assets as collateral and control of the incoming cash.

There are many benefits to this type of business lending:

  • Your cash flow is directly tied to your sales and as your business grows so will the available capital
  • You will receive the working capital you need without giving up equity
  • Grow your business without taking on long term debt
  • Gives you the confidence to fulfill larger contracts

We work with many well-capitalized lenders that are aggressively lending. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can receive the working capital they need even in today’s hard economic times.

Turn your receivables into cash NOW, and gain the working capital and the peace of mind your company needs to succeed.

Call us now at 561-299-1609 and get on the road to success!

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